Loehle Enterprises provides high level consulting assistance with algorithm development, statistical analysis, translation of formulas into code, trouble-shooting, and debugging of problems.  We develop apps for scientific problems in Mathematica and other platforms.  Optimization is a specialty, with 15 years experience helping clients solve difficult nonlinear optimization problems.  Clients include EPA, oil and pharma companies, engineering firms, university professors, and a big-four accounting firm.  Setting up, solving, and fitting parameters for DEQ models is an area of expertise.  Experience with financial modeling.  Projects have included signal decomposition and time-series analysis, online utility auction code, simulation models, ballistics tool development, kriging, fractal analysis, sampling theory, survivorship models, and a tool for multifactor classification. Special techniques can be applied to speed up slow computational code.  Code debugging available.  Assistance with publishing.  Personal attention guaranteed.  No job too big or small.

Contact: info@loehleenterprises.com or 630-476-1258